host your own chicks event

the chick challenge Chicks for Charity challenges each of its members to attend a CFC event or plan a fun event of your own that will help raise money for Mom’s House. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. If each Chick were to help raise or donate just $75, we would raise $143,000 in one year!Just invite family and friends together for a euchre party, snowman building contest or book reading – any reason to share a couple of hours and good times. Tell those attending about Chicks for Charity and Mom’s House, then ask for donations. It’s that simple. Keep in mind that attending and supporting Chick events throughout the year also can be counted towards the Chick Challenge. And hey, if you don’t feel like hosting or attending an event and just want to write a check on your own, that’s perfectly okay, too! But most of us prefer to keep the “fun” in fundraising.In an effort to help reach this goal, we are encouraging all Chicks to host an event of their own with family, friends, co-workers, etc.Here are some suggestions/offers if you’re interested in having these types of events:The Docks Downtown – Girls night out

Jeans Friday – Suggest to your company a “Jeans Friday” where employees donate $2.00 on Fridays to wear jeans.

Or you could try: your own cooking class, a contest to lose the most weight, a cookout … it can be anything you want it to be and we encourage the unusual!

If you raise money at an event you have hosted, please mail your money/check (made payable to Mom’s House) to the following address:

Mom’s House
Attn: Christina Rodriguez
2505 Franklin Avenue
Toledo, OH 43610

Please be sure to write “Chicks for Charity” in the memo line of the check.

tell us about your events! If you host an event or just have questions for us, please contact Chicks for Charity at We would like to hear about your event and money raised so we can recognize your accomplishment and record it towards our goal. At the end of 2016, we’ll total our accomplishments, pat ourselves on the back – and commit to finding another organization to help.