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who we are We are women and girls of all ages who want to transform our community through occasional fun lunches, happy hours and special events. We focus on helping young women gain confidence in their capabilities as donors and volunteers. We want to inspire women to fulfill their philanthropic potential through donations of time, talent and money. We have simple beliefs. Enjoy life. Laugh a lot. Work hard. Play hard. Be thankful for our blessings. Share the wisdom. Give back. That’s what Chicks for Charity is all about.
our goal Every two years we will designate a new charity, and all of our efforts for the next two years will go toward raising funds and awareness for that organization. It may be a fun summer event with hundreds of Chicks raising thousands of dollars; or it could be a few Chicks enjoying a cold beverage and deciding to end the evening by writing a check to the charity. Or some Junior Chicks raising money at a lemonade stand or birthday party. All women and girls can be Chicks for Charity, and any event is reason enough to donate to our special charity. At the end of the two years, we’ll total our accomplishments, pat ourselves on the back – and commit to finding another organization to help. It’s that simple.
what we don’t need We are not looking to create a large, formal organization requiring lots of meetings, committees or time. We are on enough boards! We know how to do this and have the experience to “cut to the chase,” have fun and impact our community in a big way. Together, we can spread the word about the joy of giving. Together we can make our community a better and stronger place to live. Together we can laugh. Together, we can give back! Interested in helping out? Let us know by e-mailing chicksforcharity@r-p.com.
a Chicks history We have helped out some wonderful local charities over the years and as our organization has grown, so has the impact we’ve been able to make on our community. Click here to learn more about how we’ve helped.

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  1. Thank you, for the work your groups are doing for Northwest Ohio Charities.

    I would like to re-apply Serenity Farm Equestrian Center to be considered in the future. Our focus is equine-assisted, and we have now added Hippo-therapy services along with our therapeutic riding services, now serving 15 years in Northwest Ohio. Hippo-therapy for children is most often not covered by their insurance, but the benefits are proven to be huge. Adding physical therapy along with occupational therapy on the farm has opened doors for children to engage longer into the therapy process, without them even knowing it’s therapy!

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